Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tragic Logic

The recent devastating floods across the majority of eastern Australia will eventually subside and we'll discover under the mud, the dodgy bacteria and the stench that some Aussies have lost dishwashers, clothes washers and brain washers.
Greater minds than mine have had a stab at explaining the seemingly illogical savagery and destruction that nature can deal out to we who think we have a handle on all there is to know and control - a tragic logic that sees one house spared and the next submerged, one life healthy and the next cut short. What I do know for sure, 100% crystal clear, is that right now those poor buggers just don't need a hand to scrape mud off floors. What they will be needing in the months ahead, when this issue drops out of the news, is cash - money to buy dishwashers, clothes washers, TVs, radios, computers, beds, cupboards, pots and pans, stoves, cars, paint and trades work. So if you can spare a quid, a Euro, a Peso or a Dollar send them to a reliable flood relief charity such as the Queensland government-run Premier's Flood Appeal. Thank you.

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