Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Deadly Treadlie

At the back of the brine cave is a concrete and bitumen track enjoyed by joggers, walkers, skaters and cyclists of all ages. On a good day you can cycle 40 kms in one direction. The other day I was cruising along on the Electra when I saw my first red bellied black snake of the season - a venomous yet truly beautiful critter that deserves respect and right of way on the track. But that wasn't the most unusual sight of the ride.
After 35 kms and almost home, I see a guy about my age riding towards me on a totally rusted out old skool dragster accompanied by a little kid on a BMX bike - a wonderful sight considering that every other cyclist is either riding an expensive looking road bike or a mountain bike with hybrid tyres. I was reminded of this little vignette yesterday when I was standing in the queue at the newsagent waiting to cash in my lottery win ($3). Among the latte lovin', lycra-laden lads on the covers of the bicycle mags was a beautiful panning shot of Tim Rogers of the band You Am I riding some sort of retro rattler complete with wicker basket, metal mudguards and a rubber honker horn. The mag is called Treadlie (Aussie slang for bicycle) and celebrates the rich diversity of cylcing culture - a perfect parallel to the renaissance of fun surfing where three fins is not always the ride of the day.

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