Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Say "Hello" to the Duke

I see your face in the commuter crowds from time to time, even though it's two years today since your last breath. I miss our raves about art and music and politics and your surreal humour. Say "hello" to The Duke for me. Tell him thanks for coming to our island in 1915. Tell him a lot of people here now enjoy sliding across waves. Say "hello" to Jimi. Tell him that his cover of "All along the watchtower" still blisters all over Dylan's original. Say "hello" to Marx. Tell him that when the workers finally took control over the mode of production, they didn't know how to lead it. Say "hello" to our Dad. Tell him bodysurfing has made a big comeback and that Kirra has sand again. Tell him we had another big flood like in '74, but Mum's OK. Aloha brother.