Monday, January 3, 2011

Man Bites Blogger

I like my tripod. We have travelled much of the coastline together for the last 20 years, allowing my unsteady hands to capture life at a slower speed. Like this one below - a 30 second exposure at 6:45 last night.
Right behind where I took this shot was a pile of dog droppings, which I delicately negotiated. I have been known to walk into such landmines without noticing until sometime later, so felt pretty happy. Maybe I was distratcted by this as somehow I managed to jam the palm of my hand in the locking latch at the top of one of the tripod legs. Again, I didn't notice until I went to set up another shot and tore a chunk out of my hand. Bitten by my own Manfrotto, a very durable tripod though not always distracted-Blogger-friendly.

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