Friday, January 7, 2011

Followed by a moon shadow

Sometimes when the points are crowded you have stay out late to get enough waves. Moonlit nights can pay rich rewards if you can overcome the fear of the unknown. Alternatively, I have had some memorable sessions where it's so dark that I can barely see the waves coming. It's almost like an intuitive feeling as you see a bit of phosphoresence and the water rises under your board as you launch into the blackness. Your rail catches. You make a bottom turn and you can just make out the black wall of the wave contrasting a weak twilight glow in the west. A few reo's and one happy camper makes it to shore.
As you pick your way in the dark to the trail back to the carpark, you usually discover that there's still two other surfers out there. Somewhere. Hopefully wearing legropes.


  1. The best of all is when the phosphorescence from red tide makes lighted trails and whitewater!