Thursday, January 13, 2011

King Wally

We normally get about 80 inches of rain per year. Map below from the weather bureau shows in the bottom right where all the rain fell in the last week - the country between the Gold Coast and Noosa, where we have had up to 24 inches of rain. 
As a result there is widespread flooding, property damage, crop and livestock loss and sadly loss of life. While my place is high and dry, there are 30000 properties flooded and 111000 homes without electricity. Flood peaked this morning and the sun is out. Clean up is going to take ages.
One thing Aussies are good at is keeping our spirits up by having a laugh - even in the face of adversity. This shot, by an unknown photog, is of local football legend "King" Wally Lewis outside the local football stadium which is flooded. 


  1. Mate, glad to hear you're high & dry. Heavy times for so many people.

  2. Agreed, Nathan. Thanks for your kind thoughts