Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jung vs Chevrolet

Is life as random as we think? A friend asked me the other day how I work out what to blog. I answered that if I don't stress ideas always come to me - sometimes little themes, like a series of monochromes, other times seemingly unconnected events and images that work together or like tomorrow - Australia Day, special events. Or sometimes random ideas just pop into my head and I have no idea where they come from.
I'm no expert in the Jungian notion of synchronicity but this is what happened this morning. I was riding along the local bike track thinking about putting a series of shots of a black Chevy on the blog. It was a random occurrence a few weeks ago - driving along beside the brine, I spotted this beautiful old car and thought "that would be a great shot". Pulled over, put some serious glass on the serious camera, clicked off a few shots and went on my merry way.
Now a few of the bike track bridges around here have been damaged from the recent crazy floods, so I had to go a different route this morning using a few back streets - a route I have never taken. There in one of the side streets was the black Chevy. Yes I checked the number plate - same one. Happy coincidence? Synchronicity? Randomness? But why did the car appear within an hour of me first thinking about it? Oh and the shots were taken a good 50 kilometers from where I spotted the Chevy this morning. One to chew over at the Australia Day bar-b-que.

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