Thursday, March 11, 2010

Saddle Up My Pony II

This pony got us across the 300 miles of dirt that was the Nullabor Highway at the bottom of Oz - 3 speed manual column shift, 161 cubic inches spread across 6 cylinders. No power steering. Radio was optional extra. All hail the 1971 Holden Belmont. When bumpers were made of metal and seat belts were a novelty.
Weather forecast for the next few days says there's a mighty blow coming across the waters to Brinetopia. Or as the meteorologists say "a large slow moving high pressure system in the great Australian Bight will extend a strengthening ridge over much of the east coast, maintaining a strong south easterly flow over coastal waters into early next week" 
Wind + Brine = Waves. And I'm on holidays! Better saddle up my pony.

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