Monday, March 1, 2010

Air Mail

Forget retro '70's single fins, analogue cameras and Monkees style music. It's time to revive the ancient, totally manual arts of letter writing, postcard selection and air mailing. Sure, an email or a text is quicker. Sure, analogue is slower and less efficient - especially when you consider that you can send the one message to your 800 MyFace friends instantly. But that's the whole point. Hopping off the one way, snowballing quest for ever greater speed. For a little while anyway. 
Here at the Brine, we are doing our bit by searching out postcards that are so bland they are exciting in this post-logo mega-sponsored and branded world. Let's keep the world's postal workers in a job. So if you want to post the Brine, here's one of the places it should land. Happy writings. Bird is the word.
Brine     Time
PO Box 1289
Stafford  4053


  1. Yes! There's nothing better than getting a letter in the post. When I was living over in Aus for a couple of summers my legendary gran would write to me once a week, loved it.
    Might have to russle you up a crappy old postcard from blighty!

  2. Lookin' forward to it - cheers