Monday, March 29, 2010

Home Made

My first attempt at a home made underwater housing for my Super 8 movie camera. Circa last century. It was ugly but it worked. Bonus feature #1: waterproof on/off switch - very handy when you are shooting movie film that costs $600 per hour (before editing out all the dud bits). Bonus feature #2: it was so big and bouyant I could duckdive and it would drag me to the surface like a short board. Best comment: "Are you shooting commercially?" from a lady surfer at Tea Tree - Noosa.
Fresh cyclone to go
Will you be wanting
waves with that?


  1. much appreciated - especially given the beauty you share on your own site. Where did that International dash ornament come from (the sailing boat)? Classic

  2. Bitchin'. I bought an Kodak Brownie a while ago in hopes of shooting some surf footage but have yet to purchase some film. I am just thinking of all the possibilities of making housing like that. Polaroid, Holga, who knows? But Im lovin' the Super 8. Let us know how it goes.

  3. Hey thanks, Super 8 works fine in the surf but two problems here in Oz - nobody processes Super 8 and it's expensive compared to hi def digital. I'll post a few Super 8 frames some time. Super busy at the moment. I have a Holga 120 and a Rollei TLR 6x6 so would like to hear if you come across any info on housings for them. cheers

  4. My good friend and confidant Pedro's mantra is: Find, store, fix, share...

    From trash heap to dash keep.

    Pedro wants to be a pirate, not a lion.