Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Down by the River II

The Noosa River and upstream lake system ain't quite this tranquil and sunny today with bits and pieces of trees, farming runoff and assorted sediments washing down into Laguna Bay at great speed following a severe tropical low pressure system twisting its way across the drought stricken interior of Oz. Welcome relief, though we are still on water restrictions.
A couple of Kodachrome trannies from the vault before the drought, before the flood. Funny, no matter where I travel in Oz the tractors always seem to be red. Albeit rusty red. This one shot with a severe hangover at friends whose wedding photos I did. I remember it was stinking hot (like last week) and my hangover was so bad that the noise of the cicadas chirping was deafening. I'm surprised it's in focus.The show must go on, hangover or not. Another red tractor below at other friends barn out near where my grandmother lived.

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