Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dare to be Different

I love this shot. Older chap with moustache riding a long board with a check stripe and a skin coloured full length wetsuit, at sub-tropical Noosa National Park. All the boxes for "Wrong!" are ticked. But who cares? He's obviously got the stoke happening. (And he avoids water born photogs).
Maybe he was doing it for a dare.
Or he lost a bet.
We were out checking some artworks yesterday arvo when we spied two young chaps wearing what even I thought was pretty strange and daring outfits - a nun-like "man" dress with heelless strappy shoes and the other in knee high gold lame girly boots. The Bride of Brine saw these two odd souls in a completely different light, "Oh look at those gorgeous gucci boots and that Jean Paul Gaultier man dress!" I thought that they had lost a bet or were doing it for a dare. Nope. They were members of Lady Gaga's support band The Semi Precious Weapons having a quiet stroll through the semi-precious artways of Brinetopia. And I had missed a paparazzo opportunity. Perceptions. Pre-conceptions. Odd.