Tuesday, March 30, 2010

If Turner Surfed

Brinetopia now has some shiney new weapons of mass destruction called Hornets. Not sure how much they are going to cost to buy and maintain, but I know who'll be paying for all this bravado and it won't be the tycoons whose investment houses on Noosa Sound sit empty for most of the year. Photo taken last Friday by my colleague and facenook star Ash. The brooding post-cyclonic swirl of dark and light reminds me of the derided but famous British artist JMW Turner, who used his fingers and finger nails as well as brushes to render amazing scenes featuring the destructive power of nature.
Photo above by another lady featuring Brian Donhelly in Noosa to promote his new doco-movie about Gidget. Check it out if you get a chance, if nothing more than to see how you can get five surfers on a wave at the same time! Board is a Dick Van Straalen fish.

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