Thursday, March 25, 2010

It starts as a blob

It starts as a blob on the horizon, 
blowing plumes of white 
as it hits a reef offshore. 
A briney messenger from a tropical cyclone 
a long way to the the north. 
By the time it hits the section after Eno's 
it has lost a lot of its ferocity 
and calms down into a long wet wall 
with more surfers than there are sheep in New Zealand.
"A few dings in the memory
and a few punctures
on the body
where the sun
shone too hard"
A rough summary of Noosa Festival in one sentence. Unless you were Mike from Noosa Longboards, who also got a tyre puncture to his vintage Thunderbird and managed to block the skinny road to the National Park.
The came, they surfed, they cranked out a truly deadly beat -
album of the week, the crew who played last Saturday night.

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