Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vintage Wheels

About 18 cameras ago, before they built that rock wall thing out at the Point, there used to be a nice stretch of sand that ran from the Lifesaver's Pavillion to the North Kirra Creek mouth. In the morning, the sand made this squeaky sound when you kicked it. When the local fishermen drove their battered Land Rover 4x4s over that Kirra sand, towing their wooden boats in search of sea mullet, you'd hear their tyres making the same weird, squeaky sound.
They were tough, evil looking old guys even to Trevor, the cheekiest of us kids. They would look at the sea for a minute and know straight away if it was worth launching their boats. When they did, they would row in a U shape while their long net spooled out over a wooden roller on the stern. Then two teams - aided of course by us kids - would haul their net back into shore as shimmering gar and sea mullet would try to wiggle free. 
And whenever I see an old Landy 4x4, instantly I hear that weird squeaky sound of tyres on sand and I can smell fresh mullet and I can see Trevor, the cheeky deaf kid, waving a wiggling fish in my face.
 (pic by Hughie)


  1. no hat, no sunscreen, but having aball flying akite in the afternoon nor'easter at Kirra

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