Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Exile on Vinyl Street

I feel compelled to land some type on this phosphorescent canvas before my eyelids close for the day. The reason is nearly 40 years old. A tale of too many drinks, drugs, deals and divas - across two continents, including chateaus used by the Nazis and tax exiles trying to make a bit of vinyl music.
So popular retelling has it. And today the wonderful people of iToons will re-re-release the Rolling Stones' double album Exile on Main Street, a wonderful, crazy, crankin', ragged double vinyl with cover layout by John Van Hammersveld (you know the Endless Summer poster) and photography by legendary lensman Robert Frank, himself an exalted chronicler of exiles on main streets.

If you are in Brinetopia glue yourself to the original Tube and watch the documentary on ABC1 9:30pm Thursday 20 May 2010.

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