Monday, May 3, 2010

The Original Search Engine

The original search engine was a big old fume-spewing, metal monster sucking down fully leaded petrol into 6 or 8 cylinders with no power steering. 
The original search engine would get you to the beach. Most of the times. But as we look back on those analogue days last century, it was probably the disasters that bring us a smile. On the positive side, the original search engine usually had nice wide bench seats suitable for romance at the drive-in theatre where you would catch Crystal Voyager, Endless Summer, Morning of the Earth or any number of Bob Evans' surf movie classics. The sound would come out of a mono speaker at the end of a cable that you hung on the window. Remember not to drive off with it still attached!
His father, Perc Miller, was a famous artist. His mother called him Darryl. But to the rest of us he is Baron Von Weirdo - legend of surfing retro - black velvet painting, vintage surfboards and skateboards, tiki, ukeleles and other assorted Hawaiiana. And of course beautiful tees with slogans like "in odd we trust" and "original search engine" featuring all metal retro autos like those he painted on wood above. 
He also had a beautiful art exhibition called "The Original Search Engine". You can see highlights on Yewwtube here. Evocative. Stunning. Below, Kathy Kohner, the real Gidget, with her own original search engine - a 1946 Ford V8 "Woody". The Search continues.

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