Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Harry's Yellow Board

We were out surfing Johnno's on a very clean and extremely crowded arvo a few weeks back and said "G'day" to former champ PT - Peter Townend. One of the crew cheekily asked PT if he had any free surfing tips. The joking reply came back "Catch a wave and don't fall off." That afternoon in that crowd there was one local guy who was catching waves and not falling off better than just about all the rest - Harry Roach, on his yellow log, sans leggie. 
Harry: First Point Autumn 2009
Harry with family and friends after picking up a cheque for winning the Old Mals Event at this year's Noosa Festival. And his short board riding? Check out Mike de Temple's movie - Picaresque. Alaia? Yep nailed that too on the cover of one of the Aussie surf mags a few months back.

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