Thursday, April 15, 2010

Homage to the Seed

All manner of madmen, magicians and mathematicians have tried to reduce the numerous variables of surfboard design into a simple concept where art meets science to produce fun. Even the legendary Spearman would be puzzled as to how our human shapers can produce functional floating sculptures from so many variables - foam/wood bouyancy, rocker, planshape, rail curve, fin placement, fin foil, fin size/number, channelling and rider's age/ability and weight. These silent mowers of foam and shapers of wood should be silently thanked every time we get that awesome barrel. reo, hang ten.
This nexus between science and art is the main interest of the good folks at Embiggen Books in Noosaville. where Sophie Munns pays homage to the humble seed - the source of life - in a new exhibition at Embiggen Books' gallery space this weekend.
Image by Embiggen Books refer here.
As well as running wonderful photogravure and art exhibitions, Embiggen pride themselves on having the largest collection of science books "in the known universe". They are a small independent operation selling lots of complex and interesting books to stimulate brains dumbed down by too many sound bites and political spin. They carry all manner magazines and manuscripts on poetry, art, philosophy, economics and neuroscience. Find them across from the mangroves at Noosaville, beside the organic place with the awesome beetroot-chocolate cake. Look for the weird contraptions like this engine in the window.
Image by Embiggen Books

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