Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I have met a lot of surfing champions and the only thing they have in common is just how different they all are. Have never met Peter Drouyn, a phenomenal surfer, inventor of the man-on-man contest idea back with the 1977 Stubbies' Contest who is featured in the Switchfoot II book.
No idea why somebody would do this at Point Cartwright which is a couple of hours drive north of Drouyn's Gold Coast. On the eve of the 30th anniversary reunion of the original Stubbies Contest at Burleigh, Drouyn made some bold statements about modern surfing including the following:
"The surf industry is run by uneducated people 
for uneducated people who want to have an identity 
that is determined by the logo on their shirts."
"Making clothes in China 
and putting 1000 per cent mark-up on them 
so people will pay to advertise a brand
 is completely unethical."
Peter Drouyn quoted in the Brisbane Times 2007