Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bing x Quiver Kaddy

Surfer magazine advert 1963
Bing Copeland and a Bing-Brewer longboard collaboration from 1967 at the 2010 Noosa Festival of Surf. During our chat and photo op, Bing told me this was his first trip to Noosa. (And the surf just happened to pump!) Bing is bringing his surfboard range to Brinetopia. Click here to read more. Thanks for the chat Mr Copeland. Love that old advert from American Surfer mag.
Here at the Brine, we are big fans of bicycle power as a means of lowering our carbon footprint, so were delighted with these two variations on the "get-the-board-to-the-surf" theme. Bing Copeland's advert from the 1960's and Mark Hatfull's 21st century device, the Quiver Kaddy.
As one who has trekked to Tea Tree thousands of times, I like this story about the genesis of The Kaddy.

"It was a family surfing trip to Noosa in 2000 
that inspired the idea in the first place.
My kids and I were walking back from Tea Tree Bay 
after having surfed for a couple of hours 
and the kids refused to carry their own boards 
as they were too tired. "
"My son, who was seven at the time, 
looked up at me and said 
I should invent something to help carry the boards. 
So I took Jayden's advice, went back home 
and started working on the idea, 
as I knew I was not the only father to have this problem."
Mark Hatfull, inventer and CEO of Quiver Kaddy


  1. the Guy who invented the Quiver Kaddy must be very smart , what a great idea , I hope he sells millions of them .

  2. Yes, imagine no cars at the beach, just bicycles and skateboards rolling on the tar