Saturday, December 19, 2009

Long Time Locals

The graffiti in Pa Bendall Park at Moffatt Beach said "Long Term Locals Only".  Maybe these two sisters qualify - Aunty Clair and Nana Brine, who have more than 70 years of coastal living under their belts. Next time you see them chattering away at the cafe at Moffatt Beach, stop to ask them about the time their father swam against the Duke when he came to visit Oz back in 1915. Or maybe what it was like camping at Kirra before the groyne and leg ropes. Or what Noosa was like when there were three camping areas in Hastings Street. Or raising six sons during the longboard to shortboard era.
Big Thanks to the staff at One La Balsa Cafe for making Nana Brine's 85th birthday yesterday memorable.

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