Thursday, December 31, 2009

On the Road Again (again)

A couple of analogues to finish off 2009. Manual focus Nikonos 35mm, treading water, manual wind on film advance, bottom turn back when when boardshorts were short. When the road ended at the camping area at the end of Hastings Street. And yes, the surf was crowded then too.

Ah, the sweet 1968 mix of the south Indian tambura drone behind the harmonica, drums and guitars of Canned Heat. Never tire of this tune, which was an adaptation of an adaptation of an old blues standard sung by Blind Owl Wilson of American boogie blues band, Canned Heat. Wilson was a legally blind Boston graduate who played at the Woodstock and Monterey Festivals in the 1960's and was dead of a drug overdose at 27. The irony is that the old originator of the tune, Chicago Bluesman Floyd Jones, outlasted the young prodigy by 20 years. Now that's the blues.

Hoping you all continue to bury a rail and tap your toes in 2010.


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