Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Single Fin Surfari

Not long after the MV Cherry Venture ran aground on Teewah Beach north of Noosa. The top boards were Jim Pollard fluid foils - an early version of the channel bottom. No idea who owned the 4x4. Somebody's Dad. This was way back. When I had my second film camera - a Fujica ST801. It was black. I thought that made me a pro. Ha! I love the kid on the mini bike in the background.
What I remember most from this day was the huge sand mining trucks that would come hurtling along the beach at low tide full of the heavy black sand used in aerospace metals and the water. It's the clearest water I have ever surfed in. It was a stinking hot day and you could hardly tell the shape of the  small waves.
The boat wreck and the mining have gone but the waves still roll in.

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