Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shameless Plug

The posts have been pretty thin lately because I'm still laid up with some sort of virus bug thing.
I don't do plugs for stuff (apart from charities I like), but had to plug the upcoming Switchfoot book edited by Andrew Crockett.
It's a tome by surfing standards - 368 pages, 1000+ images, 90 contributers - the other side of surfing, usually neglected by corporate media. Many of the images were captured in little analogue boxes using analogue film and manual focus lenses - hard to believe such a contraption existed?
And somewhere in there you'll find 2 pages of my work including the Huntington Beach Pier shot below. I'm honoured and stoked at the same time. Oh and I'm sure there's a few chaps in the book who'd meet the requirements for MOvember (plug, plug). Check out the preview at the following URL: http://www.switch-foot.com/switchfoot-II.php

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