Saturday, November 7, 2009

Colin's Cosmik Cutback

"God is playing marbles
With his planets and his stars
Creating havoc through my life
Through his influence on Mars
That's why I'm stumbling down the highway
On my boots of steel
I should be rolling down the skyway
On my cosmic wheels"
Donovan Leitch Cosmic Wheels 1973

A tip of the hat to the surf movies of the early 70's that always had a segment with crazy outlandish colours like this, usually in Slo Mo. Unless you had an optical printer or were a legend colour film processor you just couldn't repeat the style at home. (Some would say just as well.) Now we have Photoshop and a little electric box on the kitchen table and volia, instant cosmic. Colin, nice cuttie, mate. Hope you don't mind the Kosmic Debris as Zappa would say.
Summer 2008

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