Saturday, September 26, 2009

Slide Night

Huntington Beach pier. No auto focus. No motor drive. No bayonet mount. No tripod. Basically a recipe for visual disaster. Luckily I had my good friend Mr Kodachrome inside the little black Fujica ST801 - my first camera with auto exposure.
This one was a favourite when we ran slide nights for surfer friends - especially the goofies. A magazine page or a blog screen just  doesn't do this image justice. It's just not the same as sitting with a group of surfers looking at a projected transparency that's 10 foot across!
Winter 1978


  1. seriously great photo--- love slides

  2. Yeah, long live celluloid. many thanks for the nice comment.

  3. Ha, the art of trimming, weight perfectly positioned. How close to the Pier did he get? This years US pro saw some pros get hammered in the exact spot. Big sweep into the pier.
    Dude, quit work in the city and take up a job maintaining the stoke.

  4. Steve & Petrina, On this afternoon they were actually going through under the Pier & yeah some were getting battered.
    Mental note to self "flee city" ha.
    Thanks for nice words. Neil

  5. Hey Thanks Nathan (grab some sleep while you can), Neil