Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bird is the Word

Last Sunday was Fathers' Day here in Brineland. Also, there was a Jazz Festival, sunshine and a couple of small sliders on the points, making for gridlock reminiscent of the Big Smoke. Consequently, I couldn't find one car park between the rivermouth and the National Park, when I went to take the quad for a paddle mid afternoon.

As I'm sitting in the gridlock, sun is shining and the jazz vibes are pulsing, all of a sudden a bird lands it's poop neatly through my open window onto my boardies. Nothing to wipe them. Can't pull over. All I can think of is the Trashmen song "Surfing Bird" which featured on Family Guy not so long ago. And that it was good luck.

I go home and come back a few hours later (in fresh boardies). I score a car park right outside the entrance to the National Park. I carry the DVS quad to the third point and despite the crowd, score some beautiful walls until it was so dark I couldn't see the waves coming around the point. I left with a huge smile. Bird is the word.

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