Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gone - the series

I have been working on a series of images of things and places and people now lost to time and progress, tentatively called "Gone". Starting the series is an image that I didn't take - a Kodachrome my late Dad took with his beloved Petri rangefinder camera and hand held light meter. The cheese fest is Jack Evans' Porpoise Pool at Duranbah. The emulsion is holding up well, unlike my memory of childhood summers. That's been battered by time, three near drownings and assorted chemicals.
Summer 1968

The second one is an old farm house, home to a couple of potters and a merry band of party goers. It's now a major intersection on Super Highway One in between Cooroy and Coonowrin. Somewhere in the frame is my 6' 2" Les Purcell single fin Stinger and Holden Gemini - both of which are now Gone.
Spring 1980

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