Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Joe Larkin x Nikonos

Two shots of late arvo Noosa taken 25 years apart. The Joe Larkin board in the first pic is currently being restored to rideable condition. Nikonos V film camera with flash attached - a cumbersome rig when you have that big tanker coming at you in the dusk. No motor drive. No AF. But very waterproof.

Second one is a cheat by comparison - a Hi Def video still taken with a Sony in  a"real" underwater housing ie one that I didn't make.

Who cares how you get the image - hi def, analogue, camera obscura, mobile phone. Just get it and share it. Maintain the stoke!


  1. They're both lovely. Stoked on your stoke!

  2. Mucho appreciato, Lauren
    Hope Florida is pumping