Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday Wordage

Some time ago, I picked up a neat game called "what's your story?" by Corban & Blair. Essentially it's a bunch of cards that have diferent questions on the back. You shuffle and then pick one to share with a group of friends eg card might say "my best holidays have been . . ." and you tell a story about that and then your friends add their adventures.   It's a great concept for sharing a yarn and for elderly folk to engage with younger folk - everybody gets to share a tale or three.
Now they have a travel version of the card pack with questions like "Who has been your best travelling companion?" It reminded me of hitchhiking and some of the strange characters you meet - and sometimes escape from, like this one night I was trying to get from Lennox Head to Ballina. 
After the usual theatre where cars would slow down as if to give you a lift and then take off after you run up to them while yelling abuse, one pulled over with a bloke at the wheel and a very pregnant, chatty lady in the front. "where you heading? Ballina. Hop in."
We were in the middle of nowhere on a dark road in the middle of the night when it dawned on me that the guy was not fit to drive and I resolved to get out of there as soon as some semblance of civilisation appeared. Luckily there was an all night style fuel stop/diner on the outskirts of Ballina. I said farewell to the couple and thanked them for the ride when the very pregnant lady hopped out as well.
I didn't recall them having any harsh words and this was no place to give birth. She tells me then that she was hitchhiking to Sydney and was glad to get out of that car. I wonder what became of her and her baby?