Tuesday, January 10, 2012

textish tuesday (heat wave)

Text #1 "We be stttin in the sun for last 20 minutes. Bus peeps getting edgy. 4 buses in front not moving. At least I have music. And air con. Hope you have better luck with the computer man"

Text #2 "saw the Morning of the Earth article after you told me. Mentioned Nat & Mark Warren but nothing of Queenslander MP!!"

Text #3 "Beautiful day. Crystal clear and flat asa tack. P came down yesterday and didn't take board off roof."

Text #4 "Do you have my copy of Ocean Rhythms? Can't find it anywhere"

Text #5 "Shot some iPhone video as the bus cruised through the cultural wasteland that is The Valley"

Text #6 "Happy New Year guys. I'm DYING here. Didnt get to be until 6am,,,having a bit of the hair of the dog now...hopefully it helps."

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