Friday, January 20, 2012


I suppose I have neglected to post much bloggage about the body surfing element of the brine experience in the last couple of years. Laziness? Lack of imagery? Maybe it's too special and too much fun to try and package up, break down, over-analyse? I have caught gazillions of waves with just my feet and hands over the years and I don't recall it being hassle (apart from my lung capacity) like board surfing can be on crowded days. And really, some days are just more body-friendly than board friendly.
So it was serendipity when three seemingly unconnected images crossed my path this week. Working on the mono one from WA last week (top), I received a cracker from a mate's session a few weeks back and then I came across the trailer for the body surfing movie Come Hell or High Water (Patagonia/Keith Malloy). Serendipity. Have a wet weekend.

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