Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Strictly Commercial

There's a cornucopia of television beamed into the Brinecave, free-to-air from both the commercial networks (with sundry banal advertising saturation) and from the government run channels. The latter often gets an unfair description as stodgy, elitist or just boring. 
Fortunately, the good folk at the Australian Broadcasting Commission have decided that surfing history, may be a part of the artistic and cultural evolution of the "youth scene" and have promoted a brilliant surf exhibit at the Museum of Sydney called Surf City based on their scene. According to MoS's blurb: 
"Boardriders, shapers, writers, cultural stirrers and everyday waxheads with attitude and sun-tanned bodies shook up the conservative city and created a new culture of freedom and hedonism."
Check the museum site here.
Check the ABC's tight little video here. Stomping optional.

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