Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The BIFF is Back

I would like to think
that followers and lurkers
of this blog 
are caring and sharing
types of surfers.
Keen to share waves
design ideas and
other happening info.
Like the BIFF
For the next 10 days
the BIFF
is showing a ton
of celluloid wonder,
from the silent to
the psychedelic eras -
enough to make any surfer
as happy as a pig in Brine.
All images this post courtesy of BIFF - from top to bottom: BIFF logo, Bob Evans -  High on a Cool Wave, George Greenough - Crystal Voyager, Tony Edwards - Captain Goodvibes. BIFF on!


  1. This sounds so great! Wish I could be there.

  2. Big fan of Greenough...
    There's a post on my blog about an event I produced back in 2005 with a live re-edit of 3 surf films including Innermost Limits of pure Fun with a live score by Death in Vegas

  3. PG - cheers, I'm sure post-convergence you'll be able to be there even when you're not. Or is that Skype?
    S-Chair - sounds bloody brilliant