Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Keep On Truckin'

Sometimes it's hard to separate the degree of retro romanticism from the angle of hype. Surely there was a reason we shifted from big old logs to "short" 8 foot single fins to twin fins and from them to thrusters? Something about design? Something about a better board? Or was it hype to get us to part with our dollars?

The only thing I can definitively say about board design on this wet, pre-Spring morning is that one vehicle won't do it in all conditions. For me, anyway. I shoot with different cameras, film stocks and lenses to distill what I see in my mind's eye and I ride whatever I think will maximise my stoke on the day. Even thrusters. I haven't gone goat boat or SUP, but you never say "never". But hey, we're all different. Whatever you're driving through the bowl section, keep on trucking.

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