Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Commute

The global finacial crisis has resulted in surfers chasing a dollar away from the beach. Tourism is down. Retail is down. Surfers are turning up in worksites unfamiliar with the lure of the brine. (I'd like a dollar for every time I have been asked about sharks.) 
Some are spending hours and hours doing the tedious daily commute to The City where better wages and opportunity await. Others are doing the fly in/fly out routine to mining sites all over the country - leaving family and mates for long term financial gain.
The separation is even harder on days like today, when you know the swell is going off its nut. Today's post is dedicated to the commuter surfer. Travel safe.


  1. Good post and so damn true. Even here in the USA. Board sales are way down here in San Diego and the dollar is scarce. Here's hoping things pick up for us all.

  2. briney, as kid mentions above, a timely post for all of us. I finally found work after a two years break. The surf wasn't that good with a batch of bills to pay.

  3. Cheers y'all and as they say in rock n roll - keep on truckin