Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sharing = winning

One of the highlights of our recent road trip was catching a few point break "party waves" where 3 or 4 of us would all ride the same wave, hooting and laughing and generally kooking it up. It helped that there was an extreme offshore and the swell was big enough to enable us to all ride the same wave without running over each other's wake (or board). It was a heap of fun and also gave each of us unique perspectives on each others' so called "style". So, when I found this quote the other day about the concept of "sharing", I thought I should share it. BIG thanks to all who share - a wave, an image, a dollar, a smile, a concept, a seat on the bus.

"Sharing is the mechanism that propels culture forward. Cultural evolution, like its biological counterpart, is driven by random mutation. This process of recombination, iteration and sharing enables the stickiest of ideas to survive."
"When we share it is as though the global imagination is breathing. To inhale is to be nourished by inspiration - to exhale is to evoke it."
The Director - The Imaginary Foundation 
interviewed in Juxtapoz magazine May 2011

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