Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy to be back

It was the worst feeling. Worse than rocking up at a perfect lineup to discover your board had blown off the car's roof racks - somewhere back on the highway.
Not as bad as the times coming home to discover some drug dependent soul had ransacked my home and stolen Ms Brine's old gold.
But def worse than running out of film or digi memory at a perfect lineup - an empty deflated feeling of loss and disbelief when that cryptic message from the Google Gods hit my Mcsreen preventing me from blogging. "Something wrong at Google? Has somebody hacked our computer? But I've got so many good shots to post. Noooooo. This can't be happening." I thought, as I scratched my old timer beard and rummaged in the fridge for the emergency comfort chocolates. "Well those planets were lined up for the first time in 110 years or something, the tarot lady down the road said."As if I should have seen this coming.
But today, the waves are rolling in on a sunny ocean and Captain Google-Blogger says "Climb aboard. The search engine is fixed - just a few lose screws. All good to go". Happy to be back.

Ben Nothling during the one-day mini G-land sandbank swell last winter, before the digi buffer ran dry.

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