Monday, May 23, 2011

4 M

Apologies to those who thought there might be some crispy colour shots of the brine this foggy Monday morning. Instead, I have digressed down a monochrome mental maze with Metal and Meaning on my mind.
Michael Angelo Batio at the weekend Guitar Show. I have no metal in my collection but was blown away by his craft, creativity and inspiring words in between songs, BIG THANKS and to the Guitar Brothers for putting on the show. Tim Gaze update to follow.
Meaning is what you make of it?

I heart carbo? 

Shot by my mate Tony after the saturday Guitar Show. On the way to the pub, they were giving out free potato chips (H!). I initially declined due to watching carbohydrates taking over my girth, but The Guitarist talked me into it. And, no kidding, this was the first chip I pulled out of the pak. No, my nails are only long on one hand - for guitaring.

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