Friday, April 8, 2011

Section 43

It's raining hard on the tin roof. It's bleak. And I have slept in after a late night shooting with a 20 year old British Bowens monobloc. Too make it worse, I had a disturbing dream where Paul McCartney's guitar riffs were better than Keef's.
So to get the brain into gear while I make my preps for Commute #96327, I hunt up the song Section 43 by Country Joe and the Fish - a version they did at the Monterey Festival a good decade before I visited that lovely part of California. The psychaedelic sonic wonder ends after six and a half minutes and iToons shifts my ears to Jefferson Airplane's Somebody to Love. But all I can hear is Jim Carey's version in the movie Pet Detective(?) and click on the next folder of tunes - a bunch of songs about the moon. In all this time, I have managed to make a coffee and look out the wooden windows at the rain a number of times.
I slap a bit of meat and cheese on a few bread rolls. (No butter). The big headphones keep my greying temples warm while the iToons on the computer kick along to their own logic. And now they have taken me back to more recent times with The Rabbit in the Moon's electronica remix of the Stone Roses' "I Wanna Be Adored". Brainwave - psychaedelic superband - Keef Richards, Country Joe and Ian Brown. Sorry Paul, John Cale is on bass.

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