Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Comfort Zone

I'm a bit nervous this morning. Have to give a presentation in front of some leaders in my organisation. I'm always amazed by the ease with which some folk can talk or sing or play in front of a crowd as I'm more of a mumbler than an orator. Big thanks to (L-R) Rusty Miller, Peter Howe and Jim Stevens for their beautiful tunes a few weeks back. Yep Rusty was the tall dude on the cover and also heading out in an early shot in Morning of the Earth and Peter played on the soundtrack. I should have asked for some tips on presenting from these pro's.
So I'm off to get out of my comfort zone. (It's the same nervous feeling when I go surfing in bigger/wilder waves than I'm used to - except I don't expect blood if I wipe out badly today!)

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