Monday, February 21, 2011

What would Nelson say?

Nelson don't surf so he's well placed to cast an experienced, objective eye over this thing called free surfing. What has it become, when grown men start clobbering each other? What would Nelson say? Is it an avenue for people to vent their own personal demons or compensate for their personal issues in as competitive and aggro manner as possible? If I wanted more stress and aggro in my life, I would become an aircraft traffic controller at Heathrow or I'd go to a third world country and stand on a street corner telling the locals my god was better than their god. I surf to have FUN.
I shake my head and say to the sponsors of any pro surfer, "Your profit is derived from we the uncordinated and less athleltic masses. We buy your product. Show us some respect. In free surfing we are all in same boat. Teach your pro surfers how to behave when they are free surfing, to share the surf, not to drop in, not to snake and to respect the locals." Aloha

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