Thursday, February 3, 2011

Messy x Mercy

175000 properties have lost power so far in the first of the towns hit by Tropical Cyclone Yasi. Early reports indicate that there is extensive damage but no loss of life. Mercy! Still too early to tell for sure as the storm rages towards the middle of the Australian bush and communications are sketchy. Inland towns that have never had a cyclone EVER are about to be battered. Latest updates here.
From a surfing point of view, Yasi has not produced the goods. 1600 kms to the south, it's wet alright, but the wind is north east and the water choppy and messy. But we aren't complaining. We're happy to have Mercy today, after all the flooding, death and destruction we have had this mad summer.


  1. All the online videos of Yasi are on the following hub:

    I have to say though, Australia would probably be well advised to look at its own greenhouse gas emissions. The irony of its international position could not be more clear.

  2. Add to that mix bushfires, Sydney's hottest night on record and more cyclones forecast. When the season is over and the pundits have rolled out their rhetoric around better infrastucture, technology and architecture, we'll see costly treatments of the symptom but not the cause