Friday, December 31, 2010

Full Circle

I was skimming through a beautiful coffee table book about Leroy Grannis this morning, marvelling at the iconic surfing images he snared in his analogue cameras when I chanced upon a monochrome of Malibu taken in 1965 and it reminded me of the scene at Moffatt's yesterday afternoon - wall to wall surfers on longboards except that this was 2010. Following on from the original redwood planks and early logs to one to two to three and four finned short boards and finless boards and air mats, we seem to have gone full circle with all sorts of templates (like Simmons', Lis', Greenough's and McTavish's) being dusted down and given modern twists in balsa, carbon fibre and volane. Full circle in music too with vinyl, tube amps and turntables back in the shops.
And so the year has gone full circle - we started with a summer and proceeded to run the cyclic gamut of good times and not-so-good times held together by fond memories, future dreams and present loved ones and as Lou Reed would say "a busload of faith". And now it ends on a sunny summer's day with peelers all round. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have shared a laugh, a wave, an anecdote or an insight with me in 2010. Let's keep the wave rollin' in 2011. Namaste

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