Friday, June 25, 2010

No Goats - No Glory

Got an email the other day (slight editing to prevent lawsuits) from goofyfooter Mark (above) who is currently on a solo surfari south with his Southcoast Longboard quiver - 
"Monday - A cracker though very weird. Only 8 waves in two and a half hours, but they were some of the best I have had there. Not much of a crowd, but the sets were rare and only two waves to the set. Me and this other old coot sat way outside and waited ages for these monster sets that came through very infrequently. The old coot actually talked me into sitting out there with him. He was right - the wait was endless but when the waves came they were steep and hollow all the way to the fish trap marker."
Goofyfooter Mark 23 June 2010
(no idea)

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