Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Used to Skate

This post is for my brine brother H who spent a cold night in a swag somewhere near Gilgandra, 1000 kilometers from his shack at Noosa. Safe travels. I dreamt of skateboarding an empty swimming pool last night. I used to skate. One of the decks I made below - a translucent sandwich of perspex and fibreglass.

"I Used To Skate Once"
is also the annual skate-art-music event
by fashion place called
The Outpost
24th June 2010
The Zoo 
Lots of local, interstate and international creative people who’ve turned their artistic genius to the skate deck as a canvas - Marcus Oakley (UK), Andrew Gordon, Porous Walker, Carmela Ruffino, Abigael Whittaker, Sasha Jooste, Liam Bhats, and Pedestrian’s good pal Claudio Kirac.
Live Music by
The Deadnotes feat The Legend (Everett True)
Per Purpose
Community (formerly Stemford Hiss)
Swede Tooth

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