Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Have a Cigar

Somewhere amongst the accumulated detritus of the Brinecave is a 70 year old wooden cigar box that has survived three break and enters by persons unknown. It belonged to my grandfather who loved a nice Cuban cigar. With a broken lid, it's a container of memories more than a work of art. 
This morning I re-discovered the following items shoved in there - a Coca-Cola Russell yo-yo (with "Special Spin"), a Von Weirdo's business card, a selection of fountain pens, an extract from my late Dad's birth certificate, the original mirror from our twin lens reflex art deco Rolleicord camera dated 16/03/35, a small pocket knife that belonged to my other grandfather and serendipitously, a hand scribbled note of the set list that Roger Waters' Pink Floyd band played (written at 11:20 pm while waiting for the concert traffic to unjam). And yes they played "Have a Cigar"
A few weeks ago I saw and heard cigar box guitars for the first time. Most were fretless and were being played in a low-fi stomping, slidey style. The sound intrigued me, especially when played through a wah-wah peddle like Nigel McTrusty(?) above. So now I know what to do with that old cigar box keepsake - gonna turn it into a home made blues guitar. 
 I just love the touristy tea strainer from Natural Bridge at the back of the Gold Coast used as a sound hole on the fretless cigar box guitar above. Guitars by Gary Martin from Hoodoo Hand. If you don't quite embrace the do-it-yourself approach then contact him on: gblues@y7mail.com (no webbie spot).

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