Saturday, February 27, 2010

Analogue Dreaming

Dreamed last night that my yellow car got stolen. The night before, I dreamt that my boss did an oil change on it. 
This is the same car that came with nothing more entertaining than an AM radio, so we installed a stereo cassette player hooked up to the electric clock circuit so you could play music even when the keys were out of the ignition. You would store maybe a dozen cassettes in a plastic box under the seat, otherwise their plastic cases would melt in the furnace like heat of the Aussie summer. There was no air con, so surfaris were mostly with the windows down and the 2 speaker stereo up loud. You had to make sure every track on those cassettes was killer as the player only had fast forward and reverse, so finding individual tracks was hit and miss. Often, you'd see 20 or 30 meters of cassette tape wrapped around highway signs and waving in the breeze like gossamer spider webs encrypted with a party beat.
This is the same car I rolled on a dirt road and chalked up 235000 kilometers before I traded it in more than 15 years ago. A yellow Holden Gemini with 4 speed manual gearbox and rusty roof racks.
The dreams were in colour.


  1. fantastic foto foreground framing!

  2. Cheers - hope you are high up in the hills when that tsunami roars thru