Sunday, January 17, 2010

R.I.P. Lozza 1956 - 2009

"I've been moved by the wind upon the waters
And the shadows as the leaves are blown
When that old wind moans
On a weary winter Sunday
Like a friend that keeps on knocking on my home"

"I've been moved by the crying of the newborn
The honey sweetness of the air in spring
I've watched the moonlight flood
Across them sleepy hills and valleys
Heard her sadness in her requiem"

"I've been moved watching nature slowly turning
Through the seasons and the patterns that she brings
And as the morniing star proceeds
The breaking of a new day
You'll find the black crow is already on the wing"

"I've been moved watching something that's been suffering
Be it humankind or any living thing
From the fury of the storm
That old parched ground is reborn
And the deserts blooms'd satisfy a king"

"I've been moved by the tireless sea a churning
And them scarlets of an inland dusk
When a close friend has died
I turned away and cried
As they laid 'em down and shovelled in the dust"
I've Been Moved by Kev Carmody

My funny, frustrating, creative, mad, brilliant and sadly departed big brother Lozza, in full Binnagurra mode shooting hi-def video of Moffatt's, his favourite surf spot, where his spirit now soars. Paddle out 18/01/2010 weather permitting,

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